about aja

Aja Ngo is a mosaic artist,  a visiting teacher,  and a community artist. The materials she uses in her mosaics are glass, glass beads, metal, and precious stones. In most of her installations is a hidden message for viewers to find made from letter beads.

Aja works with her clients on creating a site,  materials, and theme-specific architectural installations. She is passionate about bringing people from different walks of life together around creating mosaic murals.


In 2018 Aja was a finalist as an Artist-in-Residence at the University Club of Portland, where she had a 16-month-long solo art show.

In 2019 her art was included in portable public art collections in the states of Oregon and Washington. 


In 2020 she studied in premier mosaic school with mosaic artists in Ravenna, Italy. The same year her art was curated by Art in Embassy program and exhibit in American Embassy in  Palau.

Aja is a  member of the SAMA / Society of American Mosaic Artists.