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2021- Oregon Arts Commission and Ford Foundation

2019 - Mosaic "Great American" was purchased by the Regional Art and Culture Council and included in the portable collection of public art in the state of Oregon

Mosaic "Moon" was purchased by Seattle Arts and Culture and included in public

art collection in the state of Washington



2020 - Art in Embassies AIE, mosaic Planets curated into an exhibit in American Embassy in Palau

2018 - University Club of Portland finalist of a year-long Artist-in-Residence program, solo exhibit


2017 - Art Scientifique, a juried show at the University of California Fresno, Department of Science and Mathematics "Great American"


2014 - Ashland Contemporary Mosaic Art Summit, exhibit at the winery "Passion"


2013 - Sequoia Gallery, Hillsboro



2020 - Led and designed a community-building project of a 9,5'x6' glass mosaic tree with a Veterans community in Sherwood, OR


2019 - Led and designed a community-building project for a 7'x7' mosaic with

76 members of a Czech minority group in Portland, OR - "Linden Tree"

2017 - Led and designed a 6'x9' community-building project of a glass mosaic tree with 74 participants with the Rosewood Initiative in SE Portland, OR - "Rosewood Tree"

- Led and designed a 3'x5' mosaic mural for St. Aidan Episcopal Church in Portland, OR - "Lupins"


2016 - Private commission of a 2'x3' mosaic mural in Portland, OR - "Fibonacci"


2015 - Taught a year-long free community class for the public through Meetup in Portland, OR

- Private commission of 3 mosaic murals for Portland Traditional Acupuncture


2014 - Private commission of a 2'x4' mosaic in Nehalem, OR - "Hearth for Fireplace"


2013 - Community-building project for Ainsworth Elementary School

- Private commission of a 5'x7' walkway in Nehalem, OR



2001 - MA in Acupuncture from Tai-Sophia Institute, Laurel, MD


1989 - MA in Russian language and literature from Palacky University, Czech Republic 


1989 - MA in History from Palacky University, Czech Republic



2020 -2022 Koko Mosaico, Ravenna Italy

2017 - Laurel True, Material-Inspired Mosaic

- Carol Shelkin, Tempered Glass Mosaic


2016 - Susan Gianotti, Value and Andamento

- Jolino Bassera, Community Mosaic Mural, hands-on, SAMA Conference


2014 - Kelly Knickerbocker, Fundamento

- Laurel True, Large Scale Murals

- Jennifer Kuhns, Glass on Glass Mosaic


2013 - Lynn Adamo, Smalti


2011 - Shelly Label, The Mosaic Stepping Stone



SAMA - Society of American Mosaic Artists

CMA - Contemporary Mosaic Artist 





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