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My journey into the world of mosaic art began 30 years ago, while I was studying history and philosophy in Czechoslovakia - now referred to as the Czech Republic. I regularly took breaks from my studies to sit in meditative silence in the medieval cathedrals of the town name Olomouc.


I would look at the stained glass windows and mosaic art while listening to the organist rehearse. Over time I gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies and details embedded in those artistic creations as well as the presence and absence of the light and its effect on glass. That is what inspired me to become the artist I am today. 


My pieces are inspired by the many lenses through which I recognize beauty in the world. I am fascinated by the way philosophy and spirituality are so intertwined with the elegant mathematics of the Universe. My academic background is in the area of philosophy, Russian language and literature, History and Chinese medicine.

Often times I use literary arts as an inspiration to what I create. I consider solitude and contemplative practice essential to who I am as a human and also as an artist.


Once an image begins to form in my mind, I use the knowledge I gleaned from those many hours observing the way the light reflected and refracted through the stained cathedral glass to select my materials. It is only then that I begin the process of actually putting the pieces together; scoring the glass,  gluing the materials to the substrate and bringing my vision to fruition. I add intricacy to the mosaic through the qualities of glass beads.

~ Aja Ngo

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